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Uma Thurman and Lancôme Sue Each Other

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Uma Thurman could have another trial to look forward to. Thankfully, it shouldn’t involve drawings of headless brides or suicide threats. The actress sued Lancôme on Friday for $15 million for continuing to use her image in advertising even though her contract had expired. Her contract expired in 2004, but her lawyer said Lancôme has continued to use her image to sell products around the world.

But wait! Two days before Thurman filed suit on Friday, Lancôme sued her on Wednesday because she had threatened to sue. (Kinda like dumping someone before he dumps you, we guess. Or something.) Lancôme asked a state judge to say Thurman was wrong in claiming her face was used on Canadian billboards and Asian Websites later than her contract allowed. Lancôme’s lawyer says his suit will take priority in court because it was filed first. And then he stuck his tongue out and put his thumbs in his ears and made wiggly hand antlers.

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Uma Thurman and Lancôme Sue Each Other