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Victoria Beckham Lands ‘Ugly Betty’ Role

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Apparently Victoria Beckham is an actress now. She’s landed a long-term role on Ugly Betty. British Vogue notes:

As well as establishing herself as a credible fashion-world force, Beckham has been keen to win the hearts of the American public since moving her family to LA with husband David last year, and a regular slot on such a popular mainstream show will no doubt help her cause.

We wouldn’t say crusading through paps in tube tops and push-up bras in the name of fame is a cause that needs help. No siree, we think she’s got her cause down and we don’t think acting will help it. Yes, her cameo on Ugly Betty, in which she played/mocked herself, was rather brilliant. But can she really sustain such on-point self-mockery in a recurring role? She nailed every joke one could make about her, but is she dimensional enough to warrant another appearance? What we usually love about her is that she doesn’t leave us asking questions or wanting more (Becks on the other hand…), and we’re perfectly content to get our Vicky Beckham fix from those pap photos. And frankly, we’re not that interested in seeing her play a character. She’s already the best character she can be.

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Victoria Beckham Lands ‘Ugly Betty’ Role