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We Brave the Makeup Show, Learn New Tricks

Body painting is back, people!Photo: Sharon Clott

We had to brace ourselves as we pulled the doors open at the Metropolitan Pavilion this weekend. Normally, this spot blows up with sample-sale hysteria. This Sunday, things went even more bananas: It was the Makeup Show (which runs through 6 p.m. today). Imagine walking into a Sephora times a million plus one. The spectacle featured 70-plus vendors showcasing their lines, ranging from Lancôme to Smashbox to Obsessive Compulsive body paints. What else will you find inside the beauty trenches? Naked women getting painted (glow in the dark, baby!) and discounts of 40 percent or more off your favorite brands (yes, M.A.C was there). Still not sure the $40 entrance fee and the elbow jabs are worth cutting out from work early? Let’s recap the new looks and tips we scored and see if that’ll change your mind.

That’s Angelina’s favorite color. You know you want it, too.Photo: Sharon Clott

1. Angelina Jolie’s favorite Guerlain eye shadow was discontinued, so her makeup artist mimicked the sheer white color with a custom palette from Three Custom Color called Snow. “Angelina uses it to bring emphasis to her eyes, instead of concentration on her lips,” said Chad Hayduk, founder of TCC and product developer for the brand. But when is there ever concentration on anything other than her lips? “Well, this helps.” Right.

2. The most important color to add to your makeup bag come fall? Burgundy. “The Ungaro for M.A.C line that’s coming out in October, it has a burgundy stain for lips,” says M.A.C pro artist Patrick Eichler. “It’s the next step from natural and pretty, in a sophisticated way, not in a fly-girl way. It’s time to move away from the fly-girl thing. I’m tired of lip gloss. It’s been a decade now. Move on.”

3. Ecofriendly marketing is kinda baloney. Alison Raffaele, founder of her eponymous earth-friendly line, hates the pitches behind eco products. “There are companies out there that say ‘If you can’t pronounce something, don’t get it,’” Raffaele says. “But to me, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not a secret what these ingredients are. Can you say tocopheryl acetate? No? Well, that’s Vitamin E.”

We did this for you.Photo: Sharon Clott

4. Stila just announced the new Marchesa line, and Ryan Cox is one of the six product developers behind the look. Best news, the look is doable by normal people who don’t use eighteen different products at once. “Even a woman with time still wants to spend fifteen minutes or less and that’s it.” He used Fog and Bouquet on the eyes and Cherry Crush stain on the lips and cheeks.

5. Cory Bishop, a makeup artist for Nix’ie Cosmetics, believes you need three shadows to shape your eyes, no more, no less. “Put the lightest color on the highest point of the eyeball and the highest arch part of the brow. But not all on the brow line. If you do, you risk looking drag-queen-ish.” Do not want that, thanks. —Sharon Clott

We Brave the Makeup Show, Learn New Tricks