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Wear Sunscreen and Buy Lipstick Instead of Dresses

Don’t be the next subject of a sunburn stock photo!Photo: istockphoto


• May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, which will remind us over and over again that sunscreen is the most necessary beauty product. Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers, reports the American Cancer Society: One in five develop skin cancer in a lifetime, so really, get SPFed stat. [Beauty 411]

• Liz Earle Hand Repair is a light hand cream that actually penetrates deep, dry layers and smells like the spa. Plus, only a dab will do ya — a small tube lasts up to a month. [Bella Sugar]

• Rather than splurge on a $500 dress in These Economic Times, shopaholics are instead indulging in $22 lipsticks, which is why lipstick sales go up during recessions. [NY Times]

• Revlon and Elizabeth Arden are losing money. Revlon’s first-quarter losses are a reported $2.5 million. They should really work on marketing those lipsticks. [WWD]

• The Tweezerman Folding Eye Lash comb sells for seven dollars, which is quite a steal for a gold-plated comb to freshen lashes. Thing is, it kind of looks like a Swiss Army pocket knife. Creepy. [Bella Sugar]

• The new E.L.F. polish packaging is actually adorable. The bottles are designed to look like the paint is spilling out. Even more groundbreaking (if you consider nail polish packaging groundbreaking) they’re only a buck. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

Prada released three new fragrances to their Exclusives collection, stocked at the Prada boutiques. They’re in numerical order — No. 8 is Opoponax — a touch of bergamot, No. 9 is Benjoin — a bitter orange, and No. 10 is Myrrhe — a citrusy smell. We must say those are some of the more creative fragrance names we’ve heard in a while. [Now Smell This]

Wear Sunscreen and Buy Lipstick Instead of Dresses