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Whitney Is America’s Next Top Model — Let’s Discuss

Ta-da!Photo: Courtesy of CW

Well, well: Miss Tyra threw us a curveball! Instead of handing the America’s Next Top Model title to the stunning size-nothing Anya, Tyra anointed Whitney, the plus-size dark horse who is not just the only girl with boobs and a booty to win, but the first even to get as far as the abroad episodes. Still, even though we gave Whitney the longest odds, we’re not that surprised — after all, Ms. Banks is nothing if not an Issues Girl. (We can see it now: an entire episode of The Tyra Banks Show about Whitney’s success, wherein the audience is forced to wear unitards with their BMIs printed on the ass.) But the question is, was Whitney really the best? Did she genuinely deserve the big win and all its riches?

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Whitney Is America’s Next Top Model — Let’s Discuss