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Where Nick Knight’s 30-Foot Naomi Campbell Statues Should Go

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Photographer Nick Knight amusingly brought us Kate Moss as a bride whose big day doesn’t go quite as planned for the recent Agent Provocateur campaign. His next project, perhaps more amusingly, is creating 30-foot sculptures of Naomi Campbell. The Independent reports:

He scanned Campbell “straddling the barrel of a large tank” which will form one sculpture. Another will be a “circle of three Naomis, like The Three Graces”, but designed to be viewed from within the circle and in a darkened room.

So what’s Knight going to do with the sculptures that don’t land in a darkened room? The Independent comically suggested he put one at the entrance to Terminal 5 in Heathrow “as a symbol of the nation’s rage over lost baggage and delayed flights.” (You’ll recall Campbell reportedly had a violent outburst on a British Airways flight over a lost bag.) After the jump, we share our own comical ideas for where the sculptures should go.

Naoms the Redeemer.Photo Illustration: Getty Images

1. At the entrance to Staten Island, simply because it would give more people a reason to visit Staten Island. They might even be able to spruce up the ferry a little bit if the fashion flock routinely made the trek.

2. In Central Park. Imagine The Gates, part two!

3. At all the major Fashion Weeks as the “Naomi Mobile Art Exhibit” to remind attendees not to express the frustrations the show season induces in public.

4. On a mountain somewhere in South America, like the Machu Picchu or Christ the Redeemer statue. We like the idea of modern majestic art among all the old stuff. Besides, she’s done a lot of charity work to fight dengue fever down there so she’s earned it.

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Where Nick Knight’s 30-Foot Naomi Campbell Statues Should Go