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Why Dries Van Noten Is Not Like His Peers

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On June 2, the Council of Fashion Designers of America will hand out awards in New York City. They’re sort of like the Oscars of Fashion (we know — everyone said that about the Met gala, but the Met gala didn’t actually hand out awards). Belgian designer Dries Van Noten will receive the award for International Designer of the Year. Van Noten is a rather private, modest fellow. As you brush up on your fashion knowledge in preparation of the awards, here are a few things you should know about him that separates him from many of his peers:

1. He lives in Antwerp, Belgium, to maintain a low profile.

“One of the big luxuries of being in Antwerp, is that I can easily walk in the city,” he says. “In Paris and New York I am more recognized.”

2. He doesn’t advertise.

3. He loves food!

[R]estraint was not in evidence at the 50th birthday bash, with its heaving dance floor and abundant food from 12 different chefs whose Asian and Moroccan cuisine or mini-hamburgers were served until 4 a.m.

4. He’s not afraid of getting old.

“It’s not depressing — it’s impressive,” says Van Noten about reaching half a century — the age when his mother decided to quit the family retail business for a farm in the country. “You have to think of all sorts of things, that you did not when 45,” the designer says. “It’s about making choices.”

Dries Van Noten in full bloom at 50 [IHT]

Why Dries Van Noten Is Not Like His Peers