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A Few Gift Ideas for Oh-So-Imminent Father’s Day

Clockwise from top left, Antique Mach 3 razors, CK robe, Yankee Stadium cuff links, Jack Black travel set, and Cityscape belt.

It’s time to celebrate your parental units again! Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 15, and this half of your parents is the hardest to shop for. If this isn’t true for you, we envy you endlessly. But if your dad only buys clothes when he “needs” something, takes his books out from the library, and doesn’t want new slippers until his current pair barely has a sole, you’ll understand our shopping frustrations. So it’s a good thing we put together our latest Shop-A-Matic, complete with 120 Father’s Day gift ideas. Our picks include accessories, clothes, grooming items, and more, so something is sure to please every type of dad. Here are some of our favorite selections:

Antique Handle Mach 3 Razors
Price: $125
Why we like it: Each razor handle is at least 100 years old, yet the head holds a modern Mach 3 blade. Plus, you can choose from mother-of-pearl, ivory, or sterling-silver antique handles. Mom wouldn’t mind those in the bathroom, either.

Brushed Polar Terry Robe by Calvin Klein
Price: $87
Why we like it: The robe is a safe gift (you know he needs one), and this one from Calvin Klein is plush and soft for around-the-clock lounging.

Yankee Stadium Wooden Cuff Links
Price: $154
Why we like it: These cuff links are made from wood taken from Yankee Stadium in 1973. Now that’s different.

On-the-Road Travel Pack by Jack Black
Price: $58
Why we like it: This gift set features six skin-care products that’ll take care of all his grooming needs and includes everything from Beard Lube (a pre-shave oil) to Industrial Strength Hand Healer.

Cityscape Belt by Shane by Brooks Salzwedel
Price: $175
Why we like it: The design of this sturdy buckle is artsy yet masculine with a dramatic urban landscape set against a yellow-orange sunset. All on a belt!
Sharon Clott

Father’s Day Gift Guide [Shop-A-Matic]

A Few Gift Ideas for Oh-So-Imminent Father’s Day