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Aggy’s Hair Defines the Decade; Hot-Pink Dye for Hair Down There

Do you have the nerve?Photo: FilmMagic

• “The Aggy” is the “defining hairstyle of the decade,” according to British Vogue. The stylist who gave it to her, Sam McKnight, says, “It’s a classic rebel haircut and if you’ve got the nerve to actually do it, you can probably pull it off.” [British Vogue]

• Blonde Betty is meant for dying hair down there. It comes in many shades, like hot pink, but more important, it comes with stencils of dolphins and hearts. Down-there dying is one thing, but below-the-belt hot-pink dolphins are quite another. [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• When Lauren Conrad gets her makeup done, her makeup artist always has her do her own liquid liner with On the Edge from Avon’s Mark line ($5). [She Finds]

• Laura Mercier created only 3,000 limited-edition bottles of Nuits Enchantées, a scent created with notes of mocha, cardamom, and mandarin. But for now, it’s only sold in London. [British Vogue]

• We look to Lalique for their glass and crystal creations, but now they’ve got a new men’s fragrance launching this fall called Lalique White. The packaging looks like one of their crystal masterpieces. [Cosmetic News]

• A recent report says women are using less sunless tanners, most likely because most don’t produce a natural-looking tan. Orange you glad you didn’t buy some this year? We’re here all week. [Cosmetics and Toiletries]

• Fight razor burn by putting a tea bag on painful red bumps. [BellaSugar]

• Lab Series Skincare for Men will launch Mild Foaming Face Wash this summer for $16 a bottle, expanding their line designed for men with sensitive skin. [WWD]

• We like candy-colored nails, but painting them like watermelons takes it one step too far. [Blogdorf Goodman]

Aggy’s Hair Defines the Decade; Hot-Pink Dye for Hair Down There