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Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr. Sitting in a Tree

K-I-S-S-I-N-G (on the cheek at least).Photo: WireImage

We wondered why Agyness Deyn was attending the Songwriters Hall of Fame awards last night. We know she sings that song “Who” for the Five O’Clock Heroes and all, but was she really a member of the club so soon? Perhaps not quite yet. “Albert Hammond Jr. is bringing her,” a PR woman handling the event told us before she arrived, referring to the Strokes guitarist. “Maybe there’s something there,” she happily added. She only recently broke up with Josh Hubbard of the Paddingtons, but could it be true? Are Aggy and Albert an item?

All signs pointed to yes as the night wore on. First the two unabashedly engaged in public displays of affection on the red carpet — an embrace here, a kiss on the cheek there. Once inside, we snagged a minute with the apparently happy couple, Hammond’s arm never relinquishing Deyn’s waist as the two sipped on cups of coffee. We asked Deyn, outfitted in a tight-fitting black cocktail dress, how her music career was going. “I just collaborated with a friend’s band, just for fun. I think that’s out in a few weeks in the U.K.,” she answered. “Is it not out yet?” Albert asked her. “No, it’s out June 26,” she replied. “Really. So you kind of did promo before? She just came back from doing promo. It’s amazing. I wasn’t there, but.” So he’s keeping tabs like her No. 1 fan. Innnnnteresting.

Then when we innocently inquired how the two met, they cast telling gazes into each other’s eyes. “That’s a bit personal, sorry,” Deyn replied. Back to music then! Will she tour this summer? “I really don’t know my schedule,” she said. And, just like that, the lights went dim, Desmond Child and Rouge took the stage, and we were ushered back to our seat left pondering a possible Agyness appearance in the next Strokes video and/or tour and what their first duet might be called. —Alisa Gould-Simon

Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr. Sitting in a Tree