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Armani Reveals Its New David Beckham Ads

Check out those, uh, well… all of it!Photo: WireImage

Yesterday evening Armani revealed one of the images from its new underwear campaign with David Beckham. The ad was unveiled overlooking a 6,000-seater amphitheater adjacent to Macy’s in San Francisco. You know, in case that outdoor concert you’re seeing isn’t quite holding your attention. Anyhow, as you can see Beckham remains gloriously toned in campaign No. 2, and his underwear remains remarkably crisp.

A glance at our desktop background reminds us that the first Beckham campaign featured David splayed out on a bed with his shirt all undone. The concept of the new campaign — Becks working out on a Malibu beach — is a sufficient enough departure to keep us interested. Which is about all you need. So congrats, Armani, on another round of marketing genius.

All images from the campaign will roll out online on June 23, and billboards like these will spread to Rome, London, Paris, Tokyo, New York, and more. San Francisco will continue having all the fun until then.

David Beckham Hung In San Francisco
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Armani Reveals Its New David Beckham Ads