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Avril Lavigne’s Fragrance and Lauren Conrad’s Fake Hair

Yeah, no. We don’t want to smell like her.Photo: WireImage


• Avril Lavigne just signed a deal with Procter & Gamble Prestige Products to do a fragrance debuting fall 2009. So your chance to smell like faux teen angst is just a year away. [WWD]

• Over in the preppy corner, Banana Republic is reinventing their Classic fragrance (which came out in 1995) for the retailer’s 30th anniversary this November. [Styledash]

• Kimberly Stewart is the new rep for nail and feet beauty brand Ciaté. She’s a fan of the Blood Red nail color and divulged her best beauty tips: Work out and always have your nails done. [Asos Blog]

• Lauren Conrad’s hair extensions stay in for about two months. They must stay in place pretty well because her hair lies flat and the extensions are secured with medical tape. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• The Tela Guardian SPF 18 protecting product is an organic favorite for shielding your scalp from sunburn. So … this solves the problem of getting sunscreen in your hair? [Beauty Snob]

• Vietnam has been named the most attractive market for beauty retailers, with projected growth rates of 8 percent. Now you know! [Cosmetic News]

Avril Lavigne’s Fragrance and Lauren Conrad’s Fake Hair