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Who Is Kanye West’s Mystery Fashion Friend?

West and mystery friend at Dior Homme yesterday.Photo: Getty Images

Do the folk who attended the men’s shows in Europe not find Kanye West exciting anymore? The rapper and ubiquitous fashion scenester made the rounds in Paris for the men’s shows searching for inspiration for his own fashion line. But perhaps he was a little too ubiquitous — he wasn’t even asked for an autograph at the Dior Homme show yesterday. And Cathy Horyn had more to say in her blog about West’s friend than West himself when she spotted them at the Comme des Garçons show:

West has been hitting the shows with a guy whose outfit is fascinating. It consists of many boxy layers finished off with an athletic hood and a brimmed cap on top of it. With all the angles and colors, he looks vaguely Cubist.

Yes, that would be Cubist as in the revolutionary art movement started by Pablo Picasso in the twentieth century — Kanye’s hanging with cultured crew. Though the wire services missed the Comme des Garçons shows, we did dig up the photo at left of West and a fellow who appears to match Horyn’s description of this “fascinating” friend. Could this be the Cubist wonder? Since we’re not going to win Hip-Hop Jeopardy over here anytime soon and Google only does so much, we’re unable to put a name to his face. Perhaps he’s not famous at all? Or perhaps one of you can help us identify him?

Cathy was right. This belongs on a wall at the Met.Photo: Getty Images

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Who Is Kanye West’s Mystery Fashion Friend?