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Celebrate National $plurge Day With Some New Jewelry

Did you know today’s National $plurge Day? Now you do! So screw your bills, never-ending student-loan payments, and other financial woes and spend that ca$h money. What better way to enliven your ensemble and celebrate National Splurge Day than with some brand-new jewels? The IRS is giving a quite a few of us $600 after all, so try using it for its intended purpose and stimulate that economy. Unlike a shirt at H&M or a massage, jewelry lasts forever, so it’s a great way to indulge. Here are a few pieces we’re eyeing right now:

Top from left, Arena Barbie earrings by Greenwich Jewelers, Spur Ring by Hannah Martin, pendent necklace by Bulgari. Bottom from left, Rococo Mirrored cuff by Tom Binns, pale fire opal necklace by Ten Thousand Things, and Michelle Fantaci rings.

Arena Barbie Cluster Earrings from Greenwich Jewelers
Price: $285 (one for you and a friend! Or two for yourself!).
The eighteen-karat-gold branches drop about three inches from your lobe, for a simple and sweet look.

Black Rhodium Spur Ring by Hannah Martin
Price: $3,375
This long ring stretches across the fingers, which turns out looking more refined than overbearing. Plus, there are three-quarters carats of brilliant-cut red rubies hidden inside.

Pendent Necklace by Bulgari
Price: $4,250
From Bulgari’s new color collection, this necklace has an eighteen-karat-white-gold chain, three blue topazes, and two amethysts.

Rococo Mirrored Stone Cuff by Tom Binns
Price: $1,160
This ornate piece is an eye-catcher, with a circumference of six and a half inches. You can even check yourself out in the attached mirror.

Fire Opal Chain by Ten Thousand Things
Price: $715
This fifteen-and-a-half-inch eighteen-karat-gold chain features a delicate strand of pale fire opals. Usually fire opals have a deep orange or red color, so we like this variation.

Stacked Rings by Michelle Fantaci
Price: Starting at $1,250
Homegrown: Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Michelle Fantaci just launched her fall 2008 line, which you can buy made-to-order at Butter. We love the delicate, handmade feel of her pieces, especially the various stones in the top ring of this stack. —Sharon Clott

Celebrate National $plurge Day With Some New Jewelry