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Chanel’s Latest Hot Item: The Fly-fishing Rod

Some things just go together, don’t they?Photo-illustration: Getty Images, iStockphoto

Just when we think Karl Lagerfeld can’t take fabulous to any new levels, he goes and one-ups himself. And the world drools. A while ago we told you about Chanel’s $12,000 bike. Today we bring you Chanel’s latest foray into sporting gear: a fly-fishing rod. Here’s a description of the ultrafab fishing pole from the Guardian:

For a mere £9,170 the ponciest angler on the planet can kit himself out with a Chanel rod and a set of meticulously tied, monochrome Chanel flies, complete with the famous “double C” logo on the gossamer wings, presented in a rather fetching, quilted black leather box.

Wow, it even costs more than the bike! Chanel has previously made skis, tennis rackets with matching balls, and a boomerang. But the fly-fishing rod has a special history. Coco herself used to practice the sport when she was dating the Duke of Westminster in the twenties and got so good she would routinely catch more fish than he would.

We do hope this catches on with all the fancy people like all those fish did Coco’s hook, if for no other reason than having more photos to run like this one. Except, you know, not Photoshopped.

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Chanel’s Latest Hot Item: The Fly-fishing Rod