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Chinese Authorities Confiscate Over 500 Louis Vuitton Bags

Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has closed its flagship in Hangzhou, China, since its products did not meet quality standards (that’s right — the house of Louis didn’t meet China’s standards). In April, government officials inspected the store and “sampled” its products. While manhandling the bags and taking them for a spin at the mall, or whatever this “sampling” involves, the authorities with the best government job ever determined they did not meet regulatory standards. They were missing material samples, i.e. little swatches of leather.

Earlier this month, more than a month after the initial sampling, the authorities told Louis their bags weren’t up to snuff. And last week the authorities revisited the store and confiscated the rest of the bags and luggage — a total of 556 pieces (they just couldn’t get enough after a month of sampling). Though they weren’t required to, Louis Vuitton decided to close the store since, well, a Vuitton shop with no bags is like a beach with no sand. A Louis Vuitton spokesperson says the bags are made in France where such swatches aren’t required, and the company is working to get the sand back on the beach — er, the bags back in the store. So all you luxury businesses planning to sell fancy handbags over there, take heed.

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Chinese Authorities Confiscate Over 500 Louis Vuitton Bags