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Christian Siriano Moves to Fabulous Condo in Fabulous Williamsburg

Look! It’s only about 70 percent dilapidated!Photo: Courtesy of Curbed

Christian Siriano, our little Project Runway designer that could, has grown up and moved to Brooklyn. Well, barely since he’s about as close to Manhattan in Brooklyn as you can get. But nonetheless, he recently plopped his bed and ruffly dresses down in a 1,400-square-foot loft in Williamsburg (he didn’t buy — he’s renting). He plans to use the space for living and designing clothes for people like Whoopi Goldberg, whom he’s dressing for the Tony awards. He says he likes the neighborhood because it’s close to the water and he fits in with its young, hip residents. The New York Sun reports:

Now, Christian, if you’re going to live in the ‘Burg, you’re going to have to start calling the graffiti fabulous, too, okay? And here’s another fabulous “fitting in” tip: If you want to walk down fabulous Bedford like a true fabulous hipster, stop showering so much. You seem to have the right pieces in your closet (please do bear in mind that if you can walk without restraint your pants probably aren’t tight enough), but your look is perhaps just a bit too clean-cut.

That said, we look forward to meeting you to drink away our fabulous hangovers at fabulous brunch when you get settled. Have your people call our people. Fabulous!

Hot Fashion Designer Claims ‘Fierce’ Williamsburg Loft [NYS via Curbed]

Christian Siriano Moves to Fabulous Condo in Fabulous Williamsburg