Designer Sari Gueron Likes Low-Crotch Pants

Sari Gueron in her studio.Photo: Melissa Hom

Designer Sari Gueron’s easy-to-wear dresses and effortlessly cool clothes have made her an editor’s favorite for seasons. And her fashion pedigree is flawless: She interned under John Galliano, and her first job out of the Rhode Island School of Design was with Oscar de la Renta. After eight collections, Gueron has cemented her own signature look: a bankable, beautiful cocktail dress. Find out how she stays cool in this sweltering heat and why exactly she likes baggy crotches.

You’ve worked with John Galliano and Oscar de la Renta. What did you do for them?
Well, I interned at Galliano. He would actually give me really fun, creative projects. Like, say, he’d give me ten T-shirts and be like slash them up with the inspiration of Native American/Daytona/anatomy. And it was fun; I’d have to slash away! And Oscar was my first, like, real job. Straight of out of college, I learned how to judge the quality of fabric. I feel like he uses the most amazing, luxurious fabrics.

You’ve also launched a second line, Sari, right?
Yes, we have. It’s coming out in stores in June/July at Barneys Co-Op and others.

A cocktail dress from Sari’s fall collection.Photo: Imaxtree

Do you think it’s important for a young designer to expand into different lines?
For me, it just really made sense. Everyone has their own path for how to grow their business. I’m sort of a casual, bohemian girl for day personally. And I feel while like a lot of customers spend a lot of money on their eveningwear; for day, it’s more disposable. You don’t have to spend $900 on a day dress. This line is what a cool girl can wear to work.

Any tips on how to stay fashionable in the city in the summer when it’s so hot?
I have seen girls put a belt on my dresses, and it makes them look really great, personalizes it. Also, I’m really into bright little cardigans. I made this bright-yellow cardigan, and you can just throw it over a little dress. It’s fun.

You’ve had model Lisa Cant open every runway show you’ve done. Why’s that?
We’re friends. We’ve shared a house at the beach together. I love that little tradition we have that she opens my show. It’s almost good luck. And she looks good in everything.

Favorite designers?
I always love Lanvin. I relate the most to Lanvin. When you see the techniques up close, they’re so modern, but the clothes are so classic in a way. He uses these really innovative ways to finish the clothing. I always like to see what Balenciaga’s doing because it’s always different.

Where do you shop?
45 RPM. It’s near my house in Soho. And BDDW.

Sari and Lucy. Any excuse for a puppy photo.Photo: Melissa Hom

What’s the first designer item that you ever bought?
Black Chanel satin pumps with a charcoal-gray toe.

Are there any trends you love right now?
Low-crotch pants. It’s comfy, not like skinny pants that are so tight everywhere.

What are you lusting after right now?
An Eres bikini. And a new surfboard because mine is at my parents’ house in Florida.

What should every woman have in her closet?
When you’re really stressed and really in a hurry, you need to have a cocktail dress that you know looks good and you can just throw it on. That’s what I try to make.

What can’t you live without?
My two-year-old dog, Lucy. She’s an Irish Jack Russell. She comes to work every day and welcomes everybody. —Kendall Herbst

Designer Sari Gueron Likes Low-Crotch Pants