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Dooney & Bourke Wins in Louis Vuitton’s Trademark Suit

This one’s for the dads: On the left is the Vuitton, on the right is the Dooney.Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton and Dooney & Bourke

For four years Louis Vuitton has been trying to convince a judge that Dooney & Bourke’s multicolored monogram handbags were so similar to their own monograms that consumers would confuse the two. You know, your usual slam-dunk trademark case. But on Friday the judge determined consumers probably won’t confuse one for the other and ruled in Dooney & Bourke’s favor. WWD reports:

Although she acknowledged the similarities between the two designs, Scheindlin noted Vuitton’s LV mark used a larger font size and consisted of “a combination of letters and shapes,” while the Dooney & Bourke design featured an unadorned DB.

Yes, it took four years to determine that. Isn’t the legal system grand? But in all seriousness we can think of one demographic that would have difficulty telling the two apart: dads. Fashionably clueless, impossible-to-shop for dads. Vuitton plans to appeal the decision. We suggest putting a dad on the stand and asking him to decipher which is which. We just might be able to convince ours to help you out. Did we mention we’ve had our eye on the Kate? Just throwing that out there.

Dooney & Bourke Wins Ruling In Bag Battle With Louis Vuitton [WWD]

Dooney & Bourke Wins in Louis Vuitton’s Trademark Suit