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Gay Weddings Are Saving California Retailers

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This week the ruling in California legalizing same-sex marriages took effect, and it’s giving the retail scene there a much-needed kick in the pants. Macy’s spanking new full-page newspaper ad reads, “First comes love. Then comes marriage. And now it’s a milestone every couple in California can celebrate.” Boutiques are splashing images of same-sex weddings in their windows with catchy signs like, “Celebrate Diversity.” People are registering for china out the wazoo. In short it’s wedding madness out there, and people have a reason to spend, spend, spend at a time when many of us are broke as a joke.

Though gay couples in California spend an average of $7,645 on their weddings — about $22,000 less than us flashy straights — they’re not skimping on clothes. Nicole Miller’s bridal sales more than quadrupled last week in her Los Angeles boutique (lesbian couples buy two wedding dresses, you see). And boutique owners say ladies choosing suits over gowns gravitate toward designers like Jil Sander, Dries Van Noten, and Paul Smith. Fancy and oh so pricey.

Jeez, California, why didn’t you think of this sooner? The gays are boosting your economy and they’re doing it with style.

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Gay Weddings Are Saving California Retailers