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German Paparazzo Puts Kate Moss’s Hair Extension on eBay

Kate Moss at Glastonbury today.Photo: WireImage


• A German paparazzo is selling the extensions that fell out of Kate Moss’s hair in Berlin. They’re already up to $135 in bidding. So what are you waiting for?! [Bella Sugar]

• Speaking of Moss, her hairdresser, James Brown, created mini hair-care products to meet airport carry-on restrictions. [British Vogue]

• Ken Pavés, celebrity hairstylist to Jessica Simpson, will release his third hair-care line, called Healthy Hair, on HSN on July 9. Wow, Jessica really catapulted him to… HSN. [WWD]

• Tweezerman now makes Splintertweeze, bright-yellow, ultrasharp tweezers designed specifically for ripping out ingrown hairs. Looking at them is rather terrifying. [Kiss and Makeup]

• Bumble and bumble will relaunch its Curl Conscious line this September. [WWD]

• There’s a shake-up going on in the French corporate offices of Clarins. Recent stock-market activity indicates they’re either going private for more control of the company or they’re ready to announce an acquisition. Aren’t you just on the edge of your seat waiting to find out? [Cosmetic News]

• A research company found that 59 percent of women are cutting spending on cosmetics. In other news, you heard about the stock market today, right? [WWD]

Ralph Lauren will release a women’s scent this fall called Notorious, inspired by film-noir movies. In case you were wondering what that smells like, it’s a ” ‘sparkling spiced oriental’ fragrance composed of top notes of black currant, spicy pink peppercorn and Italian bergamot; middle notes of chocolate cosmos, white frost peonies and carnation, and bottom notes of patchouli musk, vanilla and orris.” Duh.[WWD]

German Paparazzo Puts Kate Moss’s Hair Extension on eBay