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Giorgio Armani: ‘Italians Are Too Slovenly’

A look from the Emporio Armani spring 2009 collection, and Giorgio Armani.Photo: imaxtree, WireImage

Hey Italians, sit up straight and tuck your shirts in! Also, wash your hair and shave already. Giorgio Armani is sick of living amongst you, as he told the Telegraph.

We can identify with Giorgio here — the shirtless creatures that emerged during our recent heat wave were offensive enough on secular sidewalks (even if your body is rock-hard, you don’t need to air it out before strangers in a public park or on a subway platform).

Armani also told the paper he “inject[ed] a severity” into his men’s show to “communicate respect, which is a rare commodity these days.” So that explains the jackets unzipped from the bottom to the nipple.

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Giorgio Armani: ‘Italians Are Too Slovenly’