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Heidi Klum: ‘Project Runway’ Will Get a Face-lift on Lifetime


As Forbes’s 78th most powerful celebrity on its new list of the 100 most powerful celebrities, Heidi Klum discusses her career in a video on In doing so, she spills some details about what Project Runway will really be like when it moves to Lifetime. “The concept will be the same,” she says. But! “It will have, definitely, a face-lift. The look of the show will change a little bit.” Oh, God, we can see the pink graphics already. She also said they might add some “different catch phrases,” which we’d welcome with open arms, since, as much as we love Tim Gunn, we’ve been ready to put “make it work” in the compost heap for years.

Klum adds the show won’t be shot at Parsons, since they’ll be in L.A. Now we understood only half of the show would be shot in L.A. But Klum makes it sound like every runway scene will be shot in L.A., which would be the entire season, no? “It will have a Hollywood flair,” she says. Oh, gag. The last of the good ol’ Projects starts on Bravo next month. We suggest you record it so you don’t forget its glory days.

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Heidi Klum: ‘Project Runway’ Will Get a Face-lift on Lifetime