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If You Want to Get Karl Lagerfeld’s Attention, Wear Chanel

Imagine if you were in this picture, too.Photo: Getty Images

Reader, there may come a day when the fashion gods smile upon you and you’ll find yourself in the very same room as Karl Lagerfeld. It’s difficult to imagine, we know. But, since it’s happened to us, we fervently believe your dream will come true, too. When this happy day occurs, you’ll want to get a picture with the kaiser for your Facebook profile. This is not impossible, but it will take strategizing, since everybody in the room will be on the very same mission. When we encountered the kaiser at a gallery opening, he floated toward us as if by magnetic force (oh, the lure of a video camera, a bright light, and a microphone). Karl and the spotlight, we realized, love each other equally. However, if you don’t want to make an Internet video, skip the cumbersome equipment (you’ll need your hands free to freak out — trust us). But how to get his attention?

Clothes are an ideal medium for catching the kaiser’s sunglassed gaze. We saw one young lad on our happy day wearing a T-shirt with the kaiser on it. “Karl! You’re on my T-shirt!” he cried. “Yes, I see that,” Karl replied, promptly flinging his arm around the lad’s waist for the coveted Facebook shot. If wearing Karl’s kisser seems kinda dorky to you, scrounge up some Chanel. For when His Chanel-ness recently encountered some Americans wearing the label at his “KL at Versailles” opening, he not only complimented them, he gave them stuff. “Look how many of these charming Americans are wearing my Chanel and how well they look in it,” he declared. Then he offered to donate some photo prints to their fund-raising efforts as Friends of Versailles. So if you really want to be a rock star, start a Friends with Versailles group on Facebook right now so you can tell Karl about your good work.

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If You Want to Get Karl Lagerfeld’s Attention, Wear Chanel