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Is Vera Wang the Next Martha Stewart, Only Cooler?

She’s just like us, minus the whole empire thing.Photo: Wireimage

This week, Vera Wang found another way to work her nimble fingers — she’s blogging. The first guest blogger for, Wang hopped online yesterday and announced that her latest project has finally launched, making her one-woman assault on the bridal and home-décor worlds official. Many have speculated she’s the next Martha Stewart. And she just may be.

Originally announced in April, aims to be the one-stop shop for brides-to-be, offering registry ideas, a gown-finder (the best we’ve seen), planning tips, and more. “It is my way of being there with you to help make the decisions and choices that will affect your lives,” Vera wrote on And judging from her latest launches in addition to the site, it’s no secret that she’s trying to edge her brand into every inch of your life: Score a mattress from Serta’s Vera line, decorate it with her bedding collection for Kohl’s, stock your shelves with her stemware, and yes, start your marriage with one of her signature ethereal gowns.

So with her new branding mega-empire, it’s no surprise people started to compare Wang to that other ultimate woman in home décor, our favorite ex-con, Martha. Only the big difference is: This is Vera we’re talking about! She brings luxury to the market and can pull together fashion folks and casual consumers without alienating either group. And surely now that Wang’s dabbled in the online world, making her genius bridal brain even more accessible to the public, Martha must be sizing up the competition. Does this mean a Vera-themed morning talk show is in the works? We can only hope. —Sharon Clott

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Is Vera Wang the Next Martha Stewart, Only Cooler?