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Aggy Stars in Jean Paul Gaultier’s New Fragrance Campaign

Photo: Courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrances

Jean Paul Gaultier celebrated the launch of his new fragrance, Ma Dame, in London yesterday. His first women’s fragrance since the launch of Fragile in 1999, Ma Dame will be released this September and the campaign stars Agyness Deyn with Gaultier himself. [Cosmetic News]

Elle Macpherson’s skin-care line, the Body, launched a new treatment balm for the feet called Pedicure in the Jar. It also comes with a pair of socks. So that’s what she’s been up to lately — taping socks to jars. [British Vogue]

• Kiehl’s added two new products to their Facial Fuel collection: No-Shine Lip Balm and Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Our (formerly) fratty neighbors love this stuff so maybe you males will, too. [Bella Sugar]

• The senior beauty editor at Lucky thinks you can never be too old to smell like a baby. She suggests using Johnson’s Baby Oil Wash every day. That’s nice, but we think we’ll stick to Dial. [Beauty Blog/Lucky]

• One girl asks if aloe vera is okay to use as a personal lubricant. Pure aloe vera with no additives might be fine, but there are so many other better options. [Beauty Brains]

• More and more teenagers want to laser off unwanted hair from their lips and eyebrows, which begs a profound question: How young is too young? The Times doesn’t really answer that but does say people are becoming more self-conscious about hair. Revelatory. [NYT]

Aggy Stars in Jean Paul Gaultier’s New Fragrance Campaign