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Kate Moss Launches New Fragrance, Loses Hair

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Kate Moss lost a chunk of her hair extensions on the red carpet when she launched her Velvet Hour fragrance in Berlin. No one really knows what the fragrance smells like, but the ad looks hot. [Sassybella]

Viktor & Rolf repackaged their fragrances Antidote and Flowerbomb in limited-edition bottles in honor of their show at the Barbican Art Gallery in London. Illustrator François Berthoud created the artwork engraved on each bottle; Antidote’s depicts the designers, while Flowerbomb outlines the dolls. [Moment/NYT]

• Antonio Banderas is launching a fragrance called Blue Seduction for Women, the counterpart to his Blue Seduction for Men launched last year. It’s Banderas’s fifth fragrance. That’s a lot of seduction. [WWD]

Agyness Deyn’s got a gig in Japan. She’s the face of the fall campaign for Maquillage, a cosmetics line by Shiseido. [A Touch of Blusher]

• The Clarins Fix’ Make-Up is like hairspray for your face. A few spritzes keep all your makeup in place. [British Vogue]

• Estée Lauder releases Super Flight Crème on July 1, a line of skin-care items that adhere to the “100 ml. or less” rule airports started in 2006. Oh, finally — we have just been absolutely dying for someone to do that. [WWD]

• In L.A., Kiehl’s offers curbside pickup. It’s like a fast-food drive-through, but for your skin-care needs. People in L.A. are so lazy. [LAT]

• Papaya extract is the magic ingredient in Origins’ Never a Dull Moment skin-brightening face polisher. It scrubs with the power of several exfoliators at once, one tester claims. Sign us up. [Beauty Snob]

• Stylist David Babaii gave Angelina Jolie her super-voluminous hair do for her Vanity Fair cover. He also just released a line of hair-care products with Kate Hudson. So he’s pretty unstoppable right now. [Jet Set Girls]

• The M.A.C Neo Sci-Fi collection has a great copper nail color called Metalist. It’s a funky departure from summer neons that are getting kind of old. [All Lacquered Up]

Kate Moss Launches New Fragrance, Loses Hair