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Kelly Cutrone Will Fix You Up With Her Houseboy

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Today the New York Observer explores the many facets of fashion publicist–cum–Hills star Kelly Cutrone in what is perhaps the best profile ever. She unabashedly eats prosciutto, lives with an Argentine male model named Demian (whom she’s trying to fix up with Whitney Port), spent a year and a half reading tarot cards on the beach, and used to be the kind of party girl that goes into bathroom stalls with her friends. Cutrone, who founded People’s Revolution and works with designers like Yigal Azrouël and Vivienne Westwood, also has quite a mouth on her. And she doesn’t just use it to boss around her staff.

On rival firm KCD:

“I wouldn’t want 80 percent of [powerhouse fashion firm] KCD’s roster,” she insisted. “I would never rep Versace, I can’t stand her, I think she makes disgusting clothes. Calvin [Klein] is like, snore! Who wears Calvin Klein? I’m not dissing him. I think he’s built an amazing, respectable business, but I would never want to work for Calvin Klein, ever.”

On leaving the industry:

“You’re never done in this job,” she said. “You’re never done. So you just have to figure out when can you stop.”

On being called a bitch:

“I’ve been called [a power bitch] so many times that it’s like an inner-slang situation,” she said. “People are gonna look at you and project onto you what it is they want. Power bitch is a generational thing.”

But really, our favorite has to be:

“I think that people really have to look back to Egypt, and this concept of women being in power is not a new thought. With the advent of religion, you saw the demise of the female in the godhead. In Christianity, Mary gets pregnant on her own, she doesn’t even get fucked.”

Kelly, call us, but only for drinks.

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Kelly Cutrone Will Fix You Up With Her Houseboy