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Kimora’s Somewhat-Misguided Launch Party for Her Juniors’ Line

Eye shadow noted.Photo: Getty Images

Kimora Lee Simmons’s juniors’ collection Fabulosity for JCPenney was a tad misguided from the start. See, inspiration for the line comes from Kimora’s own life as “a high-wattage presence on the glam-party circuit.” In the press release announcing the line she trumpets:

“Young teen girls are fabulous and my new collection will further build their confidence as they head back-to-school. Fabulosity is all about celebrating who you are and your individual greatness - living your dream and being whatever you want to be. This is a great message for young teens.”

Indeed, what could be more confidence-building than stepping back into the classroom after summer break looking like a high-wattage presence on the glam party circuit? And Kimora’s reserved the perfect, juniors-appropriate locale for the collection’s preview party on July 15: Hiro nightclub! This most fabulous of affairs falls on a Tuesday, allowing Kimora’s young protégés to practice functioning tired, hung-over, and with last night’s makeup still on. Oh wait, they’re teenagers! Can they even get into Hiro? Bummer. Nevertheless, we’re still dying with anticipation of the event and, in the meantime, are looking for the perfect shiny, short, tight, bright outfit to wear. If only we’d kept our homecoming dress from tenth grade.

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Kimora’s Somewhat-Misguided Launch Party for Her Juniors’ Line