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Latest ‘V Man’ Start Dishes on Slimane and Pro Wrestling

Photo: V Man

Petey (no last name), a 19-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee, recently won the much coveted V Man and Ford Model’s contest. The big prize: being photographed by Hedi Slimane for the magazine’s August cover. We can’t imagine what it’s like to work with our one true love, Hedi. “He pretty much just let me do my own thing,” Petey told us. “He told me that he only shoots new faces because they still have that innocence in their eyes. He said that if he had it his way, he would have told me to bring my suitcase and he would have shot me in all of my clothes. He makes art out of human nature and normality.”

Yes, that makes us worship Slimane even more. But back to Petey. His big love? “Jim Carrey is my hero. His character and his movies have always been a huge influence on me. He’s the one guy who, if I was to ever meet him, I would be afraid I might literally die. And I’m not being funny.” And the new model has ambitions to be a pro wrestler. “I would love to be on the cover of WWE magazine. But that’s impossible seeing as I’m not even in the WWE. I’ve always loved pro wrestling, though, and have been involved with it for almost three years. That’s one of the main things I miss. I’m sure my agency wouldn’t want me coming in with cuts and bruises.” Well, a little makeup could fix that right up. —Kendall Herbst

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Latest ‘V Man’ Start Dishes on Slimane and Pro Wrestling