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Lookie! Sean Avery Blogs!

Study up on that code, Sean!Photo Illustration: Getty Images, istockphoto

Today is superstar intern Sean Avery’s second day guest-editing And he’s trying his hand at blogging! How cute! Since he’s a blogging baby, he’s only posting on the simplest of stuff: places he likes to shop, dine, and get his face shaved in New York. For clothes, he likes to hit up Alexander McQueen, whom, he blogs, he’d be “lost without.” He also frequents Blue & Cream — “a store that can prepare you for a weekend at the beach or the runway during New York fashion week,” he notes. “While you’re trying on a new V::room cashmere T-shirt, your girl can get her Phillip Lim dress.”

For the “best shave in town,” Avery recommends Frank’s Chop Shop, which also plays tunes by Jay-Z and Biggie. And when he feels like listening to a Radiohead album from start to finish while eating the “best oysters in town,” possibly on a date, he heads to Smith & Mills. So in sum, he’s quite the fashionable downtown scenester.

Keep it up, Avester! You’re doing great. We know HTML code can be a tad tricky when you first start working with it, but do be careful with your photo alignments. They’re slightly off in that Blue & Cream post.

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Lookie! Sean Avery Blogs!