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Milk Studios Bathroom Buddy-Blocks Kate Moss

Photo: Getty Images

Admit it — you’ve been jonesing for a good bathroom-sharing story. It’s been far too long since we had one. So who better to star in today’s than Kate Moss? Moss landed in New York last week, and one item on her agenda was appearing at an event for Agent Provocateur, the lingerie line whose bridal campaign she stars in, at Milk Studios. Naturally, she had to use the bathroom at the event. And even more naturally, the Post reports, three friends had to go with her. We mean, if you were the world’s third-highest-paid model, would you wipe your own rear? But according to the Post, such status doesn’t matter at Milk Studios; an attendant told Moss only one person at a time is allowed in the bathrooms. You know, policy. Moss protested that such policy shouldn’t apply to her because (aside from the fact that she’s Kate Moss), she was hosting the event. Nonetheless the brave attendant chose policy over letting her have her way. So Moss supposedly stormed out twenty minutes later, posse in tow, to find a place with perhaps more bendy bathroom-buddy policies.

Now wasn’t that story just so satisfying?


Milk Studios Bathroom Buddy-Blocks Kate Moss