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High Heels for Babies: So You Can Make Fun of Your Little One

Aren’t you just ROFL right now?Photo: Courtesy of Heelarious

Two Seattle-based moms are making high heels for babies — and, inexplicably, they’re turning out to be so darn popular that they’ll be sold in New York next month. These “soft, fully functional crib shoes” come in hot patent pink, zebra print, leopard print, and more. Girls are never too young to learn about class and flash, you know.

The idea came to founder Britta Bacon when she was going to her daughter Kayla’s 4th-birthday party. As she remembered Kalya’s baby days, she thought, “That would have been hilarious if I could have brought Kayla to a party in high heels when she was a baby.” Who doesn’t think such things? Eureka! Next thing she knew, she and a friend were in the baby high-heel business together. It’s the classic American success story.

They say the shoes are completely safe — if Baby steps on them the heel collapses so Baby won’t fall. So why do this to your child? So you can laugh at them, of course! The Website reads: “WARNING: May cause extreme smiling and hysterical laughter when in use (this is completely normal).” Yes. Putting babies in high heels is absolutely normal.

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High Heels for Babies: So You Can Make Fun of Your Little One