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Nicole Kidman Lands July ‘Vogue’ Cover

Confirming weeks of speculation, Nicole Kidman appears on the cover of July Vogue. As we stared at this and reminisced about what she looked like pre–baby hump, we noticed that the shot actually doesn’t look like a bad byproduct of Photoshop — certainly not like a couple recent covers. Sure, there’s been some retouching, but her face still looks like her face! (Though one might argue Kidman had the work done so they didn’t have to — but whatever. This pic looks reasonably natural, and we find that cause to celebrate.)

Annie Leibovitz shot Kidman for the issue on the set of Australia, Baz Lurhrmann’s latest movie. In a video on, Leibovitz explains Anna Wintour just lurrrrves her Lurhrmann flicks, and, following the success of a shoot Leibovitz did for Vogue on the set of Moulin Rouge, La Wintour just had to have this Australia shoot.

Blogger Beauty and the Bum (warning: this blog is NSFW) has more photos from the sixteen-page spread. Our personal favorite is one particularly glorious shot of Kidman hanging with a bunch of cows. Perfect way to start your day.

Nicole Kidman’s July 2008 Vogue cover [Sassybella]

Nicole Kidman Lands July ‘Vogue’ Cover