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Nicole Miller Launches New Line; Cindy McCain Visits Oscar

Sportswear, here I come!Photo: Patrick McMullan

Nicole Miller is launching a new sportswear label called Nicole Miller Chartreuse, inspired by her runway collection. Go, separates, go! [WWD]

• Cindy McCain visited Oscar de la Renta’s office on a recent shopping trip, which one of her security guards said had lasted “way too long.” Oh, men. [WWD]

• Jared Kushner bought the original illustration of the New York Observer cover depicting Anna Wintour and Si Newhouse as LeBron James and Gisele Bündchen from Vogue’s shape issue cover for André Leon Talley. Talley says when the framers finish with it, he’ll hang it in his office. Jealous! [WWD]

• Tibi, Custo Barcelona, and Tommy Bahama will show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-Swim in Miami in late July. OMG, that week sounds so fun. [British Vogue]

Alexander McQueen is opening six stores in India over the next five years. [WWD]

• Jovovich-Hawk designer Milla Jovovich and her husband, Paul Anderson, will star in the ad campaign for Samsonite Black Label. Louis Vuitton need not have all the fun. [WWD]

• Stephen Tyler’s daughter and plus-size model Mia Tyler reveals she almost killed herself when she was 21. She decided not to when she got a text from MTV offering a gig. [NYP]

• A size 12 girl who was rejected by many modeling agencies has just been crowned Miss London. She said, “I helped out with London Fashion Week last year and many of the models looked like they were about to keel over and die.” Um, okaaay… [Daily Mail]

• Leonard Lauder’s advice on staying happily married: “When you are driving and you get lost, stop and ask for directions.” Har. [NYP]

• If you’re a man and have to wear a tux to a wedding in the near future, make like Tom Ford, why don’t you, and pin on a gardenia instead of a carnation. [WSJ]

• Cintra Wilson on shopping in the Nolita Tory Burch store: “Tory Burch clothing inhabits a privileged, prim, wifey and deodorized look that culturally symbolizes a state of voluntary submission to the males of her tribe. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s who you are.” [NYT]

• Stop the world! Agyness Deyn went out partying in London again and kissed a girl. [Daily Mail]

Nicole Miller Launches New Line; Cindy McCain Visits Oscar