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One ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ Contestant’s Dramatic Weight Loss

Demelza Reveley.Photo: Courtesy of Foxtel

Usually it seems that on America’s Next Top Model, contestants who are told to watch their calorie intake don’t actually listen. But on Australia’s Next Top Model, it’s a whole different story. One contestant, Demelza Reveley, lost almost four inches from her hips after judges called her “bottom-heavy.” And she’s only 16 years old! Her hips used to measure almost 40 inches and now she’s down to about 36 inches. And she told the Herald Sun she wants to lose more:

When they measured us at the start on the show they told us we should be around 36 (inches) but I have done my research and I know all the good models are usually around 34 inches so that is my ultimate goal and that would make me happy.

Reveley’s efforts have apparently paid off — next week she heads to the season finale of the show. Naturally, this is all very upsetting to people who feel teen models are put under too much pressure to be thin.

Model agent Priscilla Leighton Clarke will represent the winner of the show for a year, and — surprise! — she is not one of those people upset by this. She told the Herald Sun:

It [modelling] is cut-throat at the best of times, so it is really imperative that when girls go to castings … they feel 100 per cent about how they look,” she said. “That is what modelling is all about how you look. You have to be in shape to be a model - simple as that.

Some things never change.

Teen model Demelza Reveley loses 10cm from hips
[Herald Sun via modelsblog]

One ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ Contestant’s Dramatic Weight Loss