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Our Heat-Wave Moment With Anna Wintour

Photo: Patrick McMullan

We’ve been feeling extra gutsy lately (rising temperatures do strange things to people), so when we saw Anna Wintour at last night’s MoMA “Party in the Garden,” we approached her for an interview. Usually when we approach La Wintour at parties, she gives us a one-word answer and dashes off before we can spout off any more questions. But last night she must have realized we wouldn’t rest until we got at least twenty times as many words out of her, so she was particularly chatty (again: the heat! It makes people crazy!):

Hi! We’re from New York Magazine —
You people are everywhere this week. Just don’t ask about Sean Avery — that’s what you asked me yesterday.

Okay, how are you beating the heat?
I like the heat.

When it’s this hot?
I like it.

What about it do you like?
I just enjoy it. I don’t like to be cold.

Have you seen Stylista on YouTube?

Is there any chance of a Vogue reality series?
[Purses lips] Mmmm… [Makes a sound that sounds like a mixture of “over my dead body” and “I hate that you’re asking me this question”]

And … scene.
—Alisa Gould-Simon

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Our Heat-Wave Moment With Anna Wintour