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P. Diddy Spends Two Hours Getting Ready

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We’ve had one-on-one time with Sean “Diddy” Combs before, during which we were blinded by his glorious bling (and sheer star-iness, of course). But our Diddy adventure ended after just about seven minutes, so we had little time for astute observations. So you can imagine our envy of the Telegraph’s Celia Walden, who got major alone time with Diddy on his yacht. She writes its “white leather Fendi upholstery [was] littered with prone bodies.” And he wore a coral cashmere sweater with white linen pants, under which, she notes, he might not have been wearing underwear. Then she sat down to a 7 p.m. breakfast with Diddy and his entourage, at which she was unable to maintain a straight face when he told her he’s lost his taste for Champagne. She had to depart when his stylist pulled His Diddyness away to get ready for the evening. What does that routine entail?

“It takes me two hours to get ready,” he says, “worse than any woman I’ve ever been with. I take a long bath and then moisturise with oils and cologne when I’m still wet so that it all seeps into my pores — then I air-dry by dancing around to James Brown.”

Air-drying? Love.

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P. Diddy Spends Two Hours Getting Ready