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Queen Latifah and Tory Burch to Launch Fragrances

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• Parlux Fragrances signed Cover Girl spokeswoman Queen Latifah to create a women’s fragrance. This is the same company that released the Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson fragrances. Guess they wanted to class up their repertoire. [WWD]

Tory Burch is also working on a fragrance. She likes Vetiver by Guerlain, but no word on what top notes her signature scent will feature or when it will hit counters. Oh, how will we sleep at night? [LAT via BellaSugar]

• The makeup brand Benefit will release B Spot in mid-July, with top notes of freesia, mango, black currant, and tangerine to keep it citrusy for summer. Beats rubbing yourself with orange peel, but the name sounds just as sexual. [Kiss and Makeup]

• Angelina Jolie poses with a totally unnecessary green wig in the July issue of Vanity Fair. Apparently this styling was her idea. Sigh. [Jolie Nadine]

• In Britain, a new technique called “follicular cell implantation” uses cell therapy to clone hair and regrow it for prematurely balding men and women. Only 100 hairs are needed to produce thousands more. [Times UK]

• Neutrogena’s ads for their new Wave (an electronic device that scrubs skin) are upsetting people with “strict morals.” See, the copy says “turn me on” and the ad features Vanessa Hudgens of Disney-cum-naked-Internet-picture-scandal fame. We’d think people would have better things to worry about. [A Girl’s Gotta Spa]

Queen Latifah and Tory Burch to Launch Fragrances