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Sean Avery to Attend the Couture Shows with ‘Vogue’

Photo: Getty Images

It’s been confirmed — Vogue intern Sean Avery will jet off to Europe with Anna Wintour and her team for the couture shows. reports:

“It looks like I’m going to all of them,” he told us. “Which is exciting. It doesn’t get bigger or better than the Paris couture, right?” Any show he’s particularly looking forward to? “The Chanel show. From what I’m told, that’s the show that gets the most ridiculous.” Don’t let Karl hear you say that, Sean.

We have to agree with on this one — Anna might want to ban that word from his vocabulary when referencing fashion (“fabulous” or “over-the-top” are preferred, Seanster). We hope that first “right?” was rhetorical, and that he wasn’t looking for reassurance from the reporter.

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Sean Avery to Attend the Couture Shows with ‘Vogue’