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Sharon Stone Lands Damiani Jewelry Campaign

Photo: Courtesy of Damiani

Confirming speculation, Sharon Stone has landed a spot starring in the Damiani jewelry campaign. Sure happened fast after Dior China cut her from its ads, hm? Announced Saturday at the opening of Damiani’s new Rodeo Drive store, the campaign is inspired by female icons throughout history — like Amelia Earhart and Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim across the English Channel. In a nod to literalism, Stone appears in some of the ads with goggles on her head (above), or a swim cap, or a medal (too bad the Olympics are in Beijing — these just beg for sporting-event placement).

Stone told WWD she only agreed to appear in the campaign since the company promised to donate 2 percent of sales to a charity that helps provide clean drinking water in countries where diamonds are mined. “It was very important for me that if we are going to take diamonds out of the earth that we put something back in,” Stone said. Oh boy, she’s already getting political about it. Is anyone else nervous she might loosen her lips a bit too much here?

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Sharon Stone Lands Damiani Jewelry Campaign