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Sir Philip Green Scouts More Manhattan Topshop Locations

Godspeed, Sir Philip Green.Photo: Getty Images

Every time we walk by the under-construction Topshop on Broadway and Broome, we get all types of flutters — those familiar heart palpitations that arose in anticipation of the Sex and the City movie: weak knees, dry mouth, little sweat beads on our temples. That giant Kate Moss poster that recently went up almost sent us over the edge. And Topshop owner Sir Philip Green has no intention of letting our excitement dwindle anytime soon. He was recently in town to scout more Topshop locations in Manhattan. “I’ve got 10 sites to look at in three days. If the right deal comes up, I would do it,” Green told WWD. “If I find three, I will open three.” God, we hope looking for a Topshop location is easier than finding an apartment.

Green also spilled a few more details on the imminent Soho Topshop, which will be just like its London counterparts. The Soho store will employ stylists like high-end retailers Saks or Bergdorf Goodman do. Also, the London stores, bear in mind, roll out new styles every day. Before you faint from overload, know that Green, whose estimated net worth is more than $6 billion, doesn’t believe in “price promotions.” “Everybody is fighting on price. That’s not our business,” he said. We suppose such a bummer was necessary. After all, we don’t want to fall down from excitement every time Moss gazes upon us in Soho.

Heading Over the Pond: U.K.’s Topshop Revs Up For Launch in New York [WWD]
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Sir Philip Green Scouts More Manhattan Topshop Locations