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The ‘Sex and the City’ Book = Fashion Porn

Get a napkin to wipe that drool of your chin already.Photo: Courtesy of Collins

We’re officially putting the Sex and the City: The Movie book on the Cut’s required-reading list. Honestly, we could have spent all day reading every word of it. We’re so not kidding. The book is just that stupendous. It tells the story of the movie with more pretty pictures than words and at the end it shows every single outfit worn by Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha and lists the designers of each piece. You see a page of Carrie’s wardrobe guide above. And before that finger-licking goodness, there are pages and pages and pages of quotes and anecdotes from Patricia Field, Michael Patrick King, and others about the clothes worn in the movie. With more glorious pictures, of course. We’re resisting the urge to curl up under our desk with it and a pillow as we type. For a sampling of what’s inside, read on.

On the left is a photo of Carrie in a Lanvin wedding gown styled by Vogue. In fact, the entire wedding-dress montage was styled by Vogue — the only scene not styled by Field. Here, she’s wearing the kick-ass Dior shoes Madonna loves. On the right, she’s rocking the coveted Proenza Schouler python studded heels.Photo: Courtesy of Collins

Getting some clothes for the movie took work. This tie-dyed dress, for example, had to be reshot after it had been sent to the Mayan jungle for a Vogue shoot. A wardrobe assistant flew to Mexico to personally fetch the dress, then flew right back to New York. She had time for a margarita in the airport. On the right is André Leon Talley on set during the wedding-dress montage shoot. He had said he was only going to stick around until five but wound up staying to the middle of the night when they finally finished shooting. This picture of him needs a frame. Stat.Photo: Courtesy of Collins

The ‘Sex and the City’ Book = Fashion Porn