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Video: Tom Ford Spoofs HBO’s ‘In Treatment’

Even though much of the crowd at the CFDA awards on Monday didn’t find Simon Doonan’s remarks about André Leon Talley’s turban worthy of an audible laugh (us not included, obviously), that doesn’t mean fashion designers are without a sense of humor. The nominees for menswear all shot a spoof of HBO’s In Treatment directed by Douglas Keeve to show at the awards ceremony. These included winner Tom Ford and nominees Michael Bastian and Thom Browne. Now Ford doesn’t exactly take to direction like we do to, say, pink Champagne. “Tom’s pain-in-the-ass-ness is quite generous,” Keeve told WWD. “He pulls you up a notch because he knows you have to fight for the quality.” Here’s an example of an on-set exchange between Ford and Keeve:

Ford: “You know I’m never vulnerable.”

“Loosen up and give a little body language.”

“I’m not going to cry like [actress Melissa George] does. That’s not very me.”

“I want you more broken up.”

If that’s not amusing enough for you, we have a clip of the video! Click through and enjoy.

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Video: Tom Ford Spoofs HBO’s ‘In Treatment’