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When It Comes to Style, Michelle Obama Holds Her Own

Talley, left, and Michelle Obama in her Tom Binns necklace last night.Photo: Getty Images, WireImage

Rumor has it André Leon Talley is just dying to get his hands on Michelle Obama. The New York Post reports he wants to style her, like he did Venus Williams for the Costume Institute gala or Jennifer Hudson at the 2007 Oscars. Only ALT’s not always spot-on with his wardrobe choices; many critics flat-out hated the gold python bolero jacket Hudson wore at said Oscars. And some Democrats are a wee bit nervous that Talley might lead Obama to fashion faux pas–dom as well. (Since when did these politicos become so fashion-conscious?)

But our initial research on Mrs. Obama’s fashion tastes reveals she’s not the type to be led astray from her own preferences. At the Nordstrom and Vogue cocktail party for New Yorkers for Children last night Thakoon Panichgul said Obama bought a beige silk suit with black embroidery from his store in Chicago. He had also just come from the party Vogue threw for her with Calvin Klein where he scoped out her party duds in person. “She showed up wearing a Tom Binns necklace tonight that she bought herself,” he told us. “She’s always wearing something unexpected and completely appropriate.” And unlike Hillary Clinton, the Bush ladies, and Cindy McCain, Obama isn’t on a first-name basis with Oscar de la Renta — yet. “I have never met her personally,” he told us. Way to stay off the bandwagon, Michelle. — Alisa Gould-Simon


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When It Comes to Style, Michelle Obama Holds Her Own