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Whitney Gets ‘Hills’ Spinoff With Olivia Palermo!

Photo: Getty Images, FilmMagic

When we heard earlier this week that The Hills was being filmed at Upstairs in Soho, we knew something was up. It’s not Fashion Week, and as far as we knew, Lauren Conrad wasn’t launching an energy drink or new line of nail decals (let’s hope it stays that way) so why would they be hanging out there? According to Us Weekly, Whitney Port is shooting her own spinoff show in which she “becomes bicoastal” while working for PR firm People’s Revolution. She also befriends Olivia Palermo.

Considering Whitney is the best-dressed character on The Hills (even though she can’t pronounce Givenchy) and Olivia more often than not wears outfits worth talking about, this sounds like a faux friendship we can really get behind. But those girls are going to need some stellar clothes to keep us interested. Because frankly, we can’t see Whitney carrying an entire series. Unlike every other Hills character, she doesn’t seem depressed enough deep down inside to carry her own reality show. Would we really all tune in every week if Lauren weren’t always pouty, Heidi weren’t always lonely, and Audrina weren’t physically vanishing?

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Whitney Gets ‘Hills’ Spinoff With Olivia Palermo!