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‘A New Hive’ Buzzes Into Earnest Sewn Tonight

That’s 3,000 bees.Photo: Peter Miszuk

As we noted earlier Earnest Sewn will unleash its latest back-room collaboration tonight, “A New Hive,” with a honey-drenched party at the meatpacking-district boutique. We have an exclusive first look at the installation, the brainchild of accessories designer (and amateur beekeeper) Derrick Cruz. For this installation, Cruz collaborated with designers and artists Monica Byrne, Cory Gomberg, Caroline Priebe, and Ryder E. Robison to showcase beekeeper-inspired suits, limited-edition eighteen-karat-gold honeycomb accessories, drawings, and sculptures (including an EpiPen crafted from stainless steel and glass!) to benefit the nonprofit group Bees Without Borders.

Contrasting with Ruffian’s girlie, silk-draped bedroom display last month, the dark, newly designed space includes 3,000 bees in an observation hive, 25 pounds of sweet-smelling beeswax, and 250 jars of honey scattered among the wares. Still, if you’re allergic to the little bugs, that EpiPen just may come in handy. See more photos after the jump. —Lauren Murrow

Derrick Cruz’s eighteen-karat-gold honeycomb pendants encased in a pyramid of sugar.Photo: Peter Miszuk

Artist Ryder E. Robison’s hammer sculpture made of Steller’s sea cow and brass, and an EpiPen made of stainless steel and glass. Let’s hope you won’t need it.Photo: Peter Miszuk

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‘A New Hive’ Buzzes Into Earnest Sewn Tonight