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Analyzing the Potential for Success of Fergie’s New Shoe Line

Fergie with Fergalicious by Fergie and Fergie shoes.
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This week Fergie unveiled her new shoe line at the World Shoe Accessories trade show in Las Vegas. She collaborated with Brown Shoe on the kicks for a spring 2009 commercial launch. The line consists of two divisions: One, called “Fergie,” showcases the singer’s confident “glam rock” side, and the other, called “Fergalicious by Fergie,” is meant to look trendier, sportier, and more “pop rock,” according to a rep for the line. So the difference between the two is already hazy, which doesn’t sound like a great way to kick (har) things off. Considering the misfortune of Victoria Beckham’s denim line and Lauren Conrad’s clothing line, we wondered if Fergie’s line was already on the fast track to the “Buy one, get one free” bin. So we decided to scientifically calculate Fergie and Fergalicious by Fergie’s potential for success by weighing the singer’s efforts with the line thus far against Kitson owner Fraser Ross’s list of celebrity clothing line dos and don’ts.

1. Do remember that not everyone’s a size 2 like you.
PASS. We’re talking about shoes here, so sizing is a non-issue.

2. Don’t think your clothing line will fly off the shelves just because you’re a celebrity.
FAIL. Since the launch is so far away, the Brown Shoe reps couldn’t confirm where the shoes would be sold, how much they’ll cost, or if Fergie will shill them at in-store appearances (if there are any). It’s either highly secretive until early 2009 or the shelf life of these puppies is so dismal they might not even have one. And at first glance these look Jessica Simpson–esque. We think mall shoppers across America will agree one line like that is plenty.

3. Do make multiple personal appearances at retail stores that support your brand. After all, you’re shopping all day anyway.
PASS. She hasn’t had the opportunity to appear at retail outlets since they’re not in stores yet, but she’s off to a good start appearing in front of buyers at a trade show.

4. Don’t believe everything your publicist says. They are paid to agree with you.
FAIL. We’re not sure if Fergie decided to divide the line into two indistinct divisions, but someone should’ve told her they look the damn same. Shame on her for making things unnecessarily confusing to consumers.

5. Do walk to the nearest coffee shop carrying a sketchbook after alerting the paparazzi. After all, it never hurts to look like you’re doing work.
FAIL. A Brown Shoe rep tells us that Fergie has collaborated with their people every step of the way. We’ve yet to see visual proof of that.

6. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re not Coco Chanel.
FAIL. If she’s launching the line to begin with, she’s taking herself too seriously. After all, she’s already done handbags so venturing into shoes suggests she, on some level, believes the world’s thirst for her wares remains unquenched.

7. Do wear your own designs more than once a year.
FAIL. How often do we see Fergie carry pieces from her Fergie for Kipling handbag collection? Not often at all. And as reported from Vegas yesterday: “After arriving in a crisp white shift dress, white oversized sunglasses and a pair of beige Mary-Janes, the Fergalicious one quickly changed into a pair of tan strappy sandals from her range.” Bad form.

8. Don’t have Amy Winehouse wear them.
PASS. WiHo’s got Karl Lagerfeld and Roberto Cavalli groveling at her feet. We don’t think she needs Fergalicious by Fergie sneakers.

Results: 5 FAIL, 3 PASS. So, Fergalicious Fergster, you’ve got time to turn those FAILs into PASSes and make this line a smashing success. We also urge you to reconsider the name “Fergalicious.” America’s not into the whole “licious” thing these days. —Sharon Clott

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Analyzing the Potential for Success of Fergie’s New Shoe Line