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Arden Wohl Defaces Ralph Lauren Store, Gets Arrested

Get ‘em up, girly!Photo: Getty Images

Arden Wohl was arrested in the Hamptons on Saturday night, and it wasn’t for a crime of fashion. Well, it sort of was. She was caught writing “Ralphy Lip-shits” in lipstick on Ralph Lauren’s store in East Hampton. (The move was her attempt at punning as Ralph was born with the last name Lipschitz.) The New York Post reports:

“Police received a call of someone making graffiti, and later found Ms. Wohl, who admitted to doing so. She also allegedly took several small hand-held American flags that the store had on display for decoration,” cops said. “Ms. Wohl was charged with making graffiti and petit larceny.” She will be arraigned Aug. 28.

Yes, the Hamptons police sound really uptight, and yes, they probably could have made about twenty more exciting drug busts that night. Though we’re pretty sure the Ralph Lauren store would have been just fine since lipstick, you know, washes off, we fear what would have happened to those flags. They probably would have emerged at a party next week sticking out of Arden’s headband or pasted to her knees.


Arden Wohl Defaces Ralph Lauren Store, Gets Arrested