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Bridal Botox Parties Are all the Rage; Bejeweled Contacts Are Here

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• Brides are asking their bridal party to get Botox treatments just to be in the wedding. God, can’t a woman age these days? [NYT]

• Carol J. Hamilton is the new president of L’Oréal’s luxury-products division. The exiting president left for a job at Louis Vuitton Taiwan. [WWD]

• Aveda is relaunching its Uruku makeup collection. It will contain annatto, a red pigment that comes from the seeds of the urukum shrub. The whole idea came about after the head makeup artist took a trip to the Amazon where tribes paint themselves with the stuff for rituals. [Cosmetics & Toiletries]

• A French advisory group is saying that the Clarins family’s plan to buy out minority shareholders might not be a fair deal. Scandalous! [Cosmetic News]

• Now they make contact lenses with jewelry dangling off them. Yes, you can have jewelry dangling off your eyeballs. We’ll pass. [Kiss and Makeup]

• Ted Gibson says asymmetrical French braids are the way to power through the end of the summer. []

• The new Sally Hansen colors by Tracy Reese are out. Favorites include Night Divinity and Chameleon, both pale beige shades with hints of shimmer. [Makeup and Beauty Blog]

• CVS will carry Barielle nail-, hand-, and foot-care products starting next month. [PR Newswire]

Bridal Botox Parties Are all the Rage; Bejeweled Contacts Are Here